About me

I am a Cardiff based photographer with over fifteen years worth of experience, specialising in landscape and macro images.

I’ve always been fascinated with the power of the landscape; rugged coastlines, angry skies, rolling hills and the ever-changing weather all work together to create scenery that can stir up the strongest of emotions – and give the most breathtaking of compositions. Light, shadow and colour work together to create fleeting moments in time, which can never be recreated, but can be captured on camera for eternity.
I spend a lot of time returning to the same sites throughout the seasons, recording the effect nature has on the landscape; the brightness of spring, the hazy glow of summer, the golden tones of autumn and the sparkling cold of winter. I focus on both wide sweeping landscapes and the tiniest details, and my main objective is to always capture the emotions I feel in my images.

Photography is more than just my work; it’s my life. I use traditional tools and equipment in my own modern way to create beautiful visual artworks, which are more than just images – they’re a mood, an emotion, an invitation to look more closely at your surroundings. They’re a moment in time captured perfectly, ready to be shared with others.


Karine offers a wide variety of Photography services specialising in landscape and macro photography. For any bespoke photography work get in touch using the form below to further discuss your needs.

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Hi! If you want to reach me then the best way is to write to me using the contact form. Just fill in your details and message and I will get back to you regarding your project as soon as possible. Feel free to explore the rest of the website and portfolio items until you hear from me.

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